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Righteous indignation Aug. 28th, 2010 @ 12:48 am
I've just emailed this to Blizzard's support department:

The WoW game client often crashes while trying to read data files, mostly .blp files. Since the file causing the problem is usually something linked to the character's current location, if I immediately try to restart the game, it generally crashes again immediately. The only thing that seems to make a difference is if I restart my computer: then WoW will run happily for a while, until it eventually starts crashing again; hence I suspect a memory leak in your code.

When I run a RAM stress tester is says there is nothing wrong with my RAM. When I run chckdsk and scandisk they say there is nothing wrong with my disk. I have turned off autoloading of everything except system programs at startup, as per the advice on your website.

If I run the repair tool it always says, at the end of pass #1, that the installation is seriously corrupt, and requests that I revert it to a previous version. Unfortunately the version it always seems to revert to is 3.0.1, and there then follows a nightmare of several hours trying to install the updates. But guess what, it is guaranteed that at least one of the updates will *itself* randomly crash while trying to write one of the MPQ files. If I nurse the PC through restarting the upgrades each time they crash, I can make slow and unsteady progress, eventually getting an up to date version, but that can take most of a day.

The WoW client is the *only* program I have that seems to have a problem reading and writing data on my system. Somewhere on your web site I read that because of the advanced nature of the game, it stresses systems more than most other programs. That strikes me as nonsense: if your developers have managed to produce a game that can't reliably read and write its own data files, then fire them!

If there is any advice you can give me that will help get rid of this problem I would be grateful to hear it. Otherwise I will be cancelling my account at the end of next month.

I know I shouldn't get sniffy with them and piss them off, but WoW is just behaving so badly at the moment.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

Dog porn Aug. 13th, 2010 @ 11:41 pm
Canis in all its glory (how anyone could not want to be a werewolf I'll never know). Note especially Canis lupus arabs (and again here), the Tibetan wolf Canis lupus chanco, the gorgeous Eastern Wolf canis lupus lycaon, — I'd better stop before I simply replicate all the links on that first page. Oh but you have just got to look at the black wolf, especially this 1839 representation of it which for all the world shouts out "lycanthrope!":

Current Mood: howling at the moon

A beautiful salmon-pink clover Aug. 10th, 2010 @ 02:48 am

Leaving the house to go to the cheap supermarket early this evening, I saw a tiny patch of purest salmon-pink by my feet, not ten yards from my drive. Now I've seen plenty of pure white clover, plenty of mixed red and white clover, and a fair bit of purple clover, but I don't remember ever seeing anything this colour before.

The first photo gives a better idea of its emplacement. The second one is more of a close up, though slightly blurred. I do hope it doesn't get trodden on!

An invaluable puzzle / how I shall be triumphant May. 23rd, 2010 @ 07:35 am

Scientific American has news of the death of Martin Gardner, who had a Mathematical Games column there from 1956 to 1981. It gives something of the flavour of his writing by reproducing three of his mathematical puzzles. I tried them of course: the third one was easy, the second one I couldn't do at all, and the first one I got a different answer to but my way would have worked for someone with very short legs. So about fifty percent then, story of my life.

There is one way that my genius has flowered though, and that's in spotting that puzzle #1 is a potentially excellent means of getting a drunken man's trousers off. From now on I shall never attend any party but with a ten-foot rope secreted in my clutch-bag. Make that a silken cord rather than a rope — so much more stylish and easier to pack. Confident in my topological abilities, I shall make a beeline for the handsomest man there and challenge all comers: without cutting the cord or untying it from his ankles, to remove his trousers, turn them inside out on the cord and put them back on his legs correctly.

What fun for all the gays at the party! Including even the devious, mean, slutty and whorish ones who are either younger or prettier than me — as well, naturally, as those poor, pathetic and hopeless ones who are both older and fatter than me (though no one really cares about them anyway). When the bruit of our sport, like a great flock of gulls feasting excitedly on the stinking corpse of some ill-fated sea creature, pecking incessantly both at it and at each other's eyes, finally reaches the divine male's trollish wife, gloatingly relating the achievements of her wretched spawn to the other mothers, and she rushes over, eyes flashing fire, steam venting from her nostrils, arse and tits jiggling indignantly in her too-tight black dress, to enquire just what the hell we are doing with her husband, I shall save the day for my brothers as with a flourish I slide the man's trousers onto the cord, push one of their legs through the other, then reach into the trousers from the waist and turn both legs inside out, and finally slip them back over his lovely hairy legs, zipper in front as originally arranged but inside-out.

And if, after all that work, I didn't get to cop a loving feel somewhere along the line, then there's no justice in the world.

Current Location: United Kingdom
Current Mood: naughtynaughty

Interesting picture of Keynes Apr. 30th, 2010 @ 05:11 am

That's Keynes on the right, the other one is Duncan Grant, whom he seems to be eyeing up ready for a good ravaging. Is Keynes touching himself up with his left hand?

Anyway, you can quite see what all the fuss was about. That cropped hair and those cheekbones, that saturnine intensity. And, to borrow a phrase from True Blood, he certainly knows how to fill a pair of trousers. I'm quite sure that had I been in young Duncan's position I should have dropped to my knees instanter and begged for it.

It's not only the famous gays of the Bloomsbury set that were taken with him either. One Douglas LePenn, an official from the Canadian High Commission whose sexuality is not recorded, wrote, "I am spellbound. This is the most beautiful creature I have ever listened to. Does he belong to our species? Or is he from some other order? There is something mythic and fabulous about him. I sense in him something massive and sphinx like, and yet also a hint of wings." That's strong stuff for A. Random Chappy who seems to have bumped into him at work.

Other entries
» Today's task
Saw the amazing and wonderful Watchmen on telly the other night (and all nicely tucked away on my DVR too, so far I've watched it twice). There's just so much one could say about this film, but here I'll restrict myself to being very impressed by its assured and telling use of musical references — very reminiscent of Tarantino, and no doubt influenced by him.

In particular, the use of „99 Luftballons”. Now I'm rarely taken with left-wing protest songs of the 80s and 90s: they so often seem naive, the mouthings of dupes and spoilt kids who have no idea what the real world is like. But this song has a haunting quality that's just right for the weary angst of this film, and the decision to use the original German version rather than the later and inferior English version is inspired.

So without further ado, here is a link to a YouTube of Nena performing the original.

And here are the lyrics. Today's task is to learn the lyrics well enough to sing along to the video from memory. Extra points for going to a karaoke bar and doing it there. [Note to self: do *not* sing them in front of a native German speaker, I'm bound to make a mistake somewhere along the line.]

Read moreCollapse )
» Things I'd like to read, #179
Putin / Medvedev slash. Muscle-man Putin wowing the demurely-blushing, pretty Medvedev. It's got legs!
» Up late
Been listening to the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain on Spotify. The soundtrack was put together, and in large part written by Gustavo Santaolalla, whose album Ronroco I am listening to now.
» The unwisdom of share buybacks
From the Telegraph: RBS launched a £1bn share buyback in 2006, paying an average of £18.38 for the shares, which now stand at just 44p.
» I wish...
I wish that there was some way to invest in Florette. Their salads are perfectly delicious and not too expensive (well, they are on perpetual discount at my supermarket, which surely helps). Unfortunately they seem to be part of some enormous multinational.
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